Cheesy Does It 5

Signature Cheese Blend, caramelised onions, crispy shallots

Baby Got Saddle Back 7

Honey glazed saddleback ham, Portobello mushroom, Signature Cheese Blend

Victoria Reuben 6

Dexter corned beef, pickled cabbage, Signature Cheese Blend

Whey Out West 7

Mac & cheese, saddleback pulled pork, Korean BBQ sauce

Naughty Nutella 4

Nutella, marshmallows, mascarpone

Taking the humble cheese toastie to a new level



170 Victoria Street, London

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G'rilla Logo vblack

G'rilla, now open and situated outside Victoria Station. Serving up delicious gourmet toasties, freshly brewed Ozone™ coffee, breakfast pastries.
Open weekdays 8am - 9pm
Open weekends 10am - 8pm